Secretary of State Annual Reports

Secretary of State Annual Reports

Nearly every state requires legal entities—corporations and limited liability companies–to file these reports annually (and in a few states, biennially).

States collect varied information on these ranging from who and where the registered agent is in said state, to what percent of revenue is conducted in a given state

These reports may also include: a list of officers and directors, contact authorization, stock information, date of organization and jurisdiction where organized, and company addresses.

Most of this is handled seamlessly by NRC, with the only interaction with a client being confirmation that filing took place. NRC will know when, where, and how to file, and have the needed information on hand.

Commiserate with collecting this information, states additionally typically charge costs to operate within their borders.  This cost may be a flat cost, based on revenue within a state, or based on stock issued and authorized.

If you fail to provide timely and accurate information, the result may be fines, interest charges, and loss of corporate protections within a state.

The expert staff at NRC currently handles filing annual reports for customers in all 50 states and D.C.

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