We can take telecom regulatory compliance off your to do list and help you avoid costly penalties and suspension.



Due Diligence Checks

NRC makes sure our customers stay in compliance in every state in which they operate. Our staff performs a 50 state compliance check for incoming customers, as well as annual checks for existing customers to confirm your business is operating legally and in full compliance in each state. If we find compliance failures, we correct those failures.

Nearly every state requires entities to file compliance reports annually (and in a few states, biennially). If you fail to provide timely and accurate information, the result may be fines, interest charges, and loss of corporate protections within a state. Commiserate with collecting this information, states additionally typically charge costs to operate within their borders. This cost may be a flat cost, based on revenue within a state, or based on stock issued and authorized.

States collect varied information on these ranging from who and where the registered agent is in said state, to what percent of revenue is conducted in a given state.

NRC will handle the filing of these reports seamlessly, with the only interaction with a client being confirmation that filing took place. NRC will know when, where, and how to file, and have the needed information on hand.

Secretary of State Annual Reports

499A and 499Q

499A and 499Q

A crucial customer filing NRC performs for its customers is the 499A and the 499Q. Failure to file and provide required information can result in penalties of up to $1.6 million dollars.

We file the 499 forms with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) through Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC). Using those filings, NRC creates numerous other reports our customers need, including NANP (the North American Numbering Plan), TRS (Telecommunications Relay Service), USF (Universal Service Fund), LNP-SOW (Local Number Portability – Statement of Work), and ITSP (Interstate Telephone Service Provider)

Our customers must file the 499Q forms every 3 months, and the 499A form annually.

The experts at NRC can help you:

  • Complete the 499A registration
  • File the four 499Q quarterly forms
  • File the annual 499A form
  • Audit your USAC invoices
  • Assist in USAC/FCC inquiries during contract periods
  • File USAC and FCC appeals based on filings
  • File Customer Proprietary Network compliance certificate and the accompanying statement with the FCC
  • Prepare Form 159 for the FCC , along with Form 502 Section 254(g) Geographic Rate Averaging Certification and the Section 43.61 International Traffic Report.

CPNI Compliance

NRC’s staff can prepare your CPNI (Customer Proprietary Network Information) compliance by:

  • Drafting and revising CPNI Practices and Procedures
  • Training the company compliance officer and lead staff in appropriate use of CPNI. (CPNI procedures require you have a company compliance officer.)
  • Drafting and revising the CPNI Annual Compliance Certificate
  • Drafting and revising the CPNI Accompanying Statement
  • Filing CPNI Compliance Certificate and Accompanying Statement with the FCC
  • Assisting with responses to the FCC inquiries during the contract period.

CPNI Compliance



TRS (Telecommunications Relay Service) funds allow the deaf and hard of hearing community to use standard telephones with the assistance of specialized keyboards.

In addition to the federal government, roughly half of the states have TRS programs for telecom entities operating within the state.

The states typically charge our customers fees for those funds based on revenue earned or collected within a state’s borders. Failure to file these forms and pay the resulting amounts can result in the states charging interest fees, late charges, fines and penalties, as well as the potential for an audit.

NRC will help your company file the relevant TRS forms and avoid these penalties.

PUC Compliance Complete

Most states require telecommunications providers to register with their state level PUC (Public Utility Commission). These PUCs ensure that telecom, energy, water, electric, and other utilities operate freely, fairly, and safely within their borders.

Each state has a different form to fill out for its PUC. Most states also charge a fee, either flat or based on revenue or access line communications.

NRC will file your business’ reports with each state’s PUC, along with the necessary certification and compliance filings.

PUC Compliance

USF Compliance

USF Compliance Complete

The USF (Universal Service Fund) exists to ensure access to telecommunications services for those in low income (Lifeline Program), rural (Connect America), insular, and high cost areas.

USF fees are calculated based on revenue within a state’s borders. NRC currently files USF forms in approximately half of the states and most states’ USF forms are different. Failure to file these reports in a timely manner can result in late fees, penalties, and audits.

The expert staff at NRC stands ready to help your company file USF reports; provide advice, consultation, and guidance; and advance funds where necessary

SOS Compliance Complete

NRC offers ongoing SOS compliance service for a flat monthly fee. The SOS Compliance Complete package includes the preparation and filing of all non-income tax based annual reports.

SOS Compliance